Monday, 26 June 2017


Hello my lovelies

Just had my porridge with full cream milk!

It's a cloudless day today and Papa and I have decided to spend some time in the garden today.  Papa is going to have a look at the bed below our bedroom window.  The Camellia is still flowering but coming to the end of its season and the Salvias which were starting to encompass the house have already been cut back.  I think Papa wants to check the soil, see if it needs topping up and perhaps check the mulch too.

I've decided to do a bit of quilting on my Christmas quilt, go for a walk and then do some gardening.  Spending time doing the quilting first means that I'll have some good exercise after sitting for a while.

On Saturday I was talking to Neville, an elderly neighbour who lives in Allan Street opposite the old church.   He was giving his driveway a wash with a gurney which is a high-pressured hose thing that cleans any oil or stains off the driveway.  When I passed with Molly and Spot, he turned the machine off, leaned against a post and stopped for a chat.  

He is quite friendly with Mary-Kate who lives on the corner of Allan and Hampshire Streets.  She lives in the house with the Jacaranda outside.  The tree that she and the children decorate with things such as beach-balls, flip-flops, sunglasses - anything to do with the beach and Christmas in Australia at Christmas.  Anyway, as you may remember, Mary-Kate has started a street library and Neville was telling me that there was a two page, yes, two page article in The Sydney Morning Herald about street libraries and Mary-Kate's was mentioned in the article.  Mary-Kate's street library is a first for Toowoomba.  Apparently she contacted The Chronicle a while back to see if they would do an article on it, but no, they didn't take up the offer.

Did you know that Street Libraries are now springing up all over the world? 

Here's a link to the article.

Yesterday I went up the road to church.  Papa didn't come as he was feeling a bit under-the-weather.  It was fairly quiet as the State schools are now on holiday and as most of the folk at church are Grannys and Grandpas, I think they must have been off visiting their families and especially their grandchildren.

Here's a link to one of the songs we sang - a beautiful song of worship.

Well my lovelies, I shall away and get this day going.

Love Nanxxxx

Saturday, 24 June 2017


Hello my lovelies

We're back home again.  Papa and I left Brisbane around 3.00pm yesterday and got caught in awful peak hour traffic.  It took us almost an hour to reach the highway.  Papa tried different ways to get out of the traffic jams but every time  he did we would soon end up in another jam.  I think this was caused by a number of things;  it was Friday (but of you will remember... Sunday was a'comin'), schools were coming out and it was the start of the State school holidays.

I must say it is nice to be home again.  It's 10.00am.  I've done a few chores;  cleaned the two bathrooms and laundry and hung out the washing.  I like to get some of my chores done before sitting down for breakfast - I feel like I've earned a wee bit of a rest:)

Papa has disappeared.  He said he was off to buy some ham for our sandwiches for lunch about an hour ago.  I'm not too worried as this often happens.  It will be very interesting to see what he has been up to while he's been out.

We had a lovely time down in Brisbane with the boys.  We didn't do anything special, just the usual chores and walks to the parks nearby which was lovely.  We had to end up cancelling our proposed trip to Sandgate as we would have been leaving the dogs for too long.  Perhaps another time. 

 Here's another photograph of Fergus in his wigwam.  This one he's looking out of the side window.

And here's one with Papa and Spot who thought it was a very comfortable kennel to be in, especially with Papa whom he adores.

  Michael is now on holiday from work and Auntie Emma arrives back home today.  Tomorrow they  have rented a gorgeous house up the coast for a week and then they will be back in Brisbane for another week before the boys go back to school again.

I've been sitting here thinking about the garden.  We will soon be into July which is time to start pruning my roses so I think I may drag out my garden file today and refresh my memory of what to do.  It's a bit like getting to the end of a quilt and having to do the binding.  It's been a long time since the last time you did it and you always need a refresher.

Papa's arrived back.  He popped into Hanna's to buy a pair of slippers.

  They are short Ugg boots.  Not the best looking things, but he'll only be wearing them at night-time thank goodness.  

Well my dears on that 'cosy' note I shall head off  and put the kettle on for a wee cuppa.

Love Nanxxxx

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Spotty playing with Fergus in his wee wigwam.  He loves lying with all Fergus' teddies.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Hello my lovelies

Papa arrived from Toowoomba today with Molly and Spot.  I was busy in the kitchen when they arrived and what a noise they both made when they came in.  It was off with the glasses and down on the floor with both of them.  They were so happy to see us all - especially their Mumma.

Fergus was at Kindy today and the two big boys were home as it's the end of semester school holidays.

Uncle Michael dropped Fergus off at Kindy and I got busy doing various chores around the house.  Around 12.00pm, I started getting a stew ready for a slow cook in the oven while Angus worked alongside me making chocolate chip cookies which were just yummy.  I think he's going to have to make another batch very soon as there aren't too many left now that it's evening.

Papa and the dogs have headed upstairs to bed.  Uncle Michael too has had an early night.  I can still hear Hamish moving around upstairs.

I've been working on my Christmas quilt.  Here are a couple of photographs showing the progress so far.

Can you see the quilting?  I've quilted all the applique pieces and one side of the background.  On to the other side tomorrow and then some work on the top and bottom borders.

Thinking about taking the boys down to Sandgate tomorrow.  We did think we would head into Roma Street and catch the train but then we realized that we would be leaving the dogs too long.  Perhaps Papa will drive with the two big boys and the dogs and I'll catch the train with wee Fergus.  We'll work it all out tomorrow.

Here are some photographs of the beautiful pier at Sandgate, the walks and of course the fish and chip shop.

Must dash.  battery about to die.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Well!  The day began with me opening my eyes and finding a lovely gift lying on my pillow.  Papa had remembered!   In the envelope was the most beautiful card and when I opened the little package, inside was a gorgeous brooch.  Papa bought it at the art gallery shop here in Toowoomba.  The brooch is a circle covered in what looks like black linen which has been painted with a beautiful grey leaf.  

While I was thinking about what a lovely man your Papa is, he came running out of the bathroom where he had been shaving and shouted "Connie!  You must come now Connie!"   I leapt out of bed and ran to the bathroom to find water pouring out of the cupboard.  "We've got a burst pipe." shouted Papa.  "Hang on!" I said, and ran down to the laundry to grab some old towels.  Ran back to the bathroom and Papa ran to turn off the water outside.  What a mess it all was!  There was water absolutely everywhere.  In all the cupboards and in all the drawers.  I took everything out the washbasket and all the towels and dumped the lot in the bath and then proceeded to empty all the cupboards.  Needless to say, all the tablets had to come out of their packets as the packets were just sodden.  I've now got all the towels in the washing machine on the spin cycle.  

Thank goodness we were here.  I'm heading to Brisbane today and Papa's travelling down tomorrow.  Imagine if this had happened while we were away.  Papa said that all our lovely floors would have been ruined.

We're just waiting for the plumber to come now!

And some photographs of the happy couple!  Wedding, young parents and older folk!

The last photograph is with dear Anny and Adrian who were married on exactly the same day but a few miles east in Holland.  Happy Anniversary dear friends!

Love Nanxxx

Monday, 19 June 2017


Hello my lovelies

I'm sitting here at the kitchen table.  I can hear Papa practising his guitar.  His music teacher is getting his small group learning music theory.  This is quite challenging but Papa is always up for a challenge and sets time aside each day to work hard on his homework.

Last night we went out to dinner to Kerrie J's house out at Highfields.  She and her husband Richard went for a holiday to Scotland a couple of months ago.  I gave Kerrie a list of possible places she and Richard could visit when they were travelling before they left so, it was a great evening to....

I started this on Saturday morning and it is now Monday afternoon!  Just when I was in the middle of typing this post, Richard Jessop arrived to pick up our possum trap.  He and Kerrie live up at Highfields on a property that is beside something that resembles a ravine.  Needless to say they have zillions of possums eating their avocados, oranges AND lemons!  Can you believe it?  Richard stayed for a cuppa and a chat and while I was making coffee and tea, Papa took him for a wee look around the house.  When he was taking Richard out to show him the laundry area, they both heard quite a commotion coming from the house down below - the one where Spencer the dog lives and Molly sometimes barks at through the fence.  "I think someone's crying Connie!"  Papa said.  I left the tea/coffee making and ran down the verandah, out the gate and around to Allan Street and into Spencer's garden.  Spencer met me at the gate and I made my way round to the back where sitting outside on her verandah was the lady weeping and wailing.  In front of her was her cat which was obviously dead.

"Oh dear!"  I said and put my arms around her.  She had been up most of the night calling the cat as it sleeps inside at night.  Finally in the morning when she came out there was her wee moggie.  He had obviously been in some sort of fracas through the night and had made his way home before collapsing and dying.

I picked up Moggie in my arms while Moggie's owner went for a wee blanket.  We wrapped him up and laid him on the outside table.  We couldn't quite get his tail under the blanket as he had gone quite stiff through the night.  I sat with the lady for a while asking her if she would like Papa to take car of Moggie but she said "No!  I think I'll take him to the farm and bury him there."  I left after half an hour or so and said I would come back in the afternoon.

Came home and had some lunch and as Keith had popped in earlier (before Richard) and I had said I would pop down and see Margaret, I headed down the road.  I decided to take the car as I had a shop to do too and the weather was looking quite stormy.

Had a lovely visit with Margaret.  Margaret and I had a great chat together.  Keith made us both a cup of tea.  Margaret always asks how both of you are going so I tell her all about your latest adventures and plans for the summer holidays.

After visiting Margaret, I made my way back to see Spencer's mumma.  When I knocked on the open back door, she took a minute or two to come as she had been lying down.  I noticed that Moggie was still on the table and that his owner had laid a beautiful Camellia on top of the blanket which covered him.  I went in to the kitchen while the lady popped on the kettle.  We chatted away about different things, how long she had lived in the area, about her work - she works in the Intensive Care department as a nurse up at St Vincent's.  In between talking, she would constantly lift her hanky to her face to wipe away her tears.  I stayed for about an hour, inviting her to come for dinner but she said she thought she would just stay home and have an early night.

By this time it was nearly 5.00pm and too late to go shopping so it was back home again.  However, when I arrived back home and got out of the car, I could hear her weeping again.

Yesterday we could hear visitors were with her which I assume were either friends or family.  I'll keep contact to make sure she's alright.

Yesterday I headed to church in the morning.  It was a lovely service.  After the children's address, the minister, Andrew, played an audio visual recording of THE GOSPEL SONG which you can hear here.

While I was sitting waiting for the service to begin I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around and there were Bob and Bev.  As we were leaving at the end of the service, I noticed Simone the minister's wife with a brand new baby in her arms.  He was so cute all wrapped up in a tartan shawl.  Simone and Andrew periodically foster children that for some reason can't stay with their parents and this wee fella is one of those children.  Benjamin is only two weeks old and just gorgeous.  I had a hold of him, and was showing him off to all the old ladies in the church as though he was my very own baby.  One lovely man put his hand on Benjamin and said "May God bless you!"  He said it so quietly and meaningfully I was nearly moved to tears.

As I had walked up the road to church, Bob and Bev drove me home and stayed for a cuppa and a chat.  After they left, I went and did the shopping which was quite a big shop for the laundry, bathroom and pantry.

Home again with a million bags which Papa helped me bring in.  All stuff packed away and time to sit and have a wee glass of white wine.  Papa was in the process of making a lovely lunch.  After what was quite a late lunch, we settled down and did some reading (I think!)

Here's a photograph of wee Fergus taken when we were at the Art Gallery in Brisbane last week.

Tomorrow Papa and I are heading down to Brisbane for a few days but I will do my best to keep up with the blog and what we are up to.

Another book for Mummy and Daddy for their reading list for holidays.  I've just started this one and it's great.

Love Nanxxxx

Friday, 16 June 2017


Hello my lovelies

Well I arrived home last night after a few days down in Brisbane.

While I was in Brisbane, it poured and poured and when I spoke to Papa on the telephone he was most disappointed because the rain had not reached Toowoomba.  As there are no clouds on the horizon for the next ten days or so, he has hauled out the hoses and is beginning to water the trees and shrubs before they decide that no-one cares for them and start to feel a bit low.

As you can imagine, when I arrived home, the dogs went berserk.  They were very happy to see their Mama home.  I had to drop my bags, take off my glasses and sit down on the couch with each of them on either side of me and give them good scratches along with lots of words of how much I had missed them.  Molly especially was quite beside herself making lots of 'crying' type noises.  Oh dear!

Papa has been working in his shed while I have been away.  He has been doing lots of jobs to make his shed nice and tidy and organised.  I think I sent a photograph a while back showing the new workbench he had made.  Roger up at Cabarlah gave him some sheets of 'stuff' which he is using to line some of the walls.  Then I think the plan is to put some shelves and hooks up to take his tools. Once he's all set up, he's going to make me a couple of coffee tables to go beside the couches here in the kitchen.  There's a little table between the two couches but I think we also need a table on the other side of the couches too.  I downloaded a photograph from the Internet giving Papa an idea of what I am looking for.  I would like to paint the tables too in a nice 'Porter's' colour.  Forget grey in this house!  It's all Colour with a capital 'C".

While I was in Brisbane, Emma, Fergus and I went to visit the Art Gallery where there were a few installations set up especially for children.  I think the Gallery is preparing for the onslaught of children when they break up for their end of semester break today.

Wee Fergus had a wonderful time with one of the installations which was made up of heaps of really large blue bricks, hoses, and rope.

I've asked Auntie Emma to forward some photographs. When I receive them I'll send on.

There was another installation which Fergus liked.  It was to do with all things Antarctica.

The folk who had created the installation had done a wonderful job.  From the ceiling they had hung grey/blue nets to symbolize the sky.  They had also made gorgeous clouds which hung from the ceiling.  They had been made with beautiful material which had stiff metal edges around the edge.  I wish I had taken a photograph for you - they were beautiful and would look great in any bedroom :) I've had a look on the Internet but can't find any images.  As the installation was set up for young children, there were Antarctic-type soft toys everywhere;  puffins, seals, polar bears, penguins, more penguins and even a gorgeous otter.  I'm not sure if otters live in Antarctica but this one looked quite happy as it wasn't too cold in the Brisbane Art Gallery.

There was also a fantastic drawing/painting exhibition of works created by children around Australia. These were obviously inspired by the artist and Antarctic explorer Alison Lester.  As you can see from the article below, Alison kept in touch with the schoolchildren of Australia by email, detailing all that she was up to while she was in Antarctica.

From June 24 - July 12, this remarkable series of works is a collaboration between artist and Antarctic adventurer Lester and the schoolchildren of Australia. 
Children's author, Alison Lester, travelled to Antarctica in 2005 as an Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Arts Fellow. Her regular reports back via email to the schoolchildren of Australia resulted in a unique collaboration of imagination, inspiration and innocence.
She has created a series of paintings inspired by her experience, and is working on developing a children's book from the series. Created in collaboration with the schoolchildren of Australia, the resulting works are both poignant and charming, a blend of childlike naivete and the deft hand of an illustrative master. The outcome of this creative dialogue is unlike anything most of us have seen, both because of the subject matter, and the process of the art that created it. The product of many imaginations, many months, and many surprises...

Here are a couple of works from the exhibition.

I could have spent all day looking at these drawings/paintings but Fergus let us know that it was "...time to move on."

Girls, would you tell Mummy that I've just finished a great book called A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD by Jennifer Egan.  She might like to put it on her 'holiday reading' list.  Here's a photograph of the cover and a link to Wikipedia.

Love Nanxxx


Hello my lovelies Just had my porridge with full cream milk! It's a cloudless day today and Papa and I have decided to spend so...